Founded in 1980, we have been privileged to teach 3 generations of Santa Clarita Valley students. In fact, many of our first students are bringing their own children to My Kid’s Tutoring to enjoy the same personalized programming and success that they were privilege to experience.

Within academic circles, we are known as the “gold standard” in learning centers.

Teachers and other members of the Santa Clarita educational community send their own children to us because we are a private learning center, owned and directed by a local, highly respected teacher. My Kid’s Tutoring is not a franchise with cookie-cutter tutoring programs that offer only one set of solutions for every student.

From a distance, everything may look the same, but up close it can be a very different story. Many Santa Clarita parents have told us about their unhappy experience with franchise owners who skillfully omit the fact that they are not trained, educators.

Teaching children is not a business. It is an opportunity to enrich our community of students that we take very seriously here in Santa Clarita. Parents often come to us after spending a lot of money (that they didn’t have) only to find themselves deeper in debt and with an angry and frustrated child to boot. You will find that we are a one-of-a-kind company that treats both you and your child as one of a kind as well! Discover more today, by reaching out to us HERE to get started with your initial consultation at My Kid’s Tutoring in Newhall, CA.

Call us to schedule an appointment for an assessment and learn more about our programs, 661-255-5510.