Poor grades…repeated disappointments… failure…frustration.

These experiences can take a terrible toll on a child’s self-confidence and self-respect.

Learning problems generally first manifest themselves in elementary school.

Common symptoms include:

  • poor reading skills
  • poor concentration
  • inattentiveness to details
  • sloppiness
  • difficulty remembering instructions
  • difficulty working independently

  • poor spelling
  • incomplete projects
  • letter or number reversals
  • difficulty keeping up with the class
  • hyperactivity

If not properly remediated in elementary school, learning deficits will generally persist into high school.

Although a child may no longer be hyperactive or reverse letters, she or he may still have reading, math organizational skills, or concentration problems.

Such problems can create serious obstacles to success in middle and high school.

Our prescriptive learning program remediates the symptoms of your child’s learning problem (such as poor reading comprehension).

Most importantly, it also treats the underlying source of the problem such as distractibility and disorganization.

Specialized teaching methods are used to help the student learn to concentrate and to remember what is heard and seen.

These skills are requisites to success in school.