Did you know that up through the third grade, students are learning the foundations of how to read?

That means, by fourth grade, students are now dependent on their own reading skills to continue learning. But for some students, reading can be a challenge.

My Kid’s Tutoring of Santa Clarita has reading programs that are based upon a systematic, age and grade-appropriate approach that fosters reading independence and confidence in the following areas:

  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Weakness in any of the foundations for reading laid down in the first, second, or third grade can make further learning difficult. Your goal, and ours, is to encourage students to be life–long learners. Our reading program offers well–balanced, research–based and individualized tutoring for students at all levels:

  • Pre K Reading
  • Elementary Reading
  • Middle School and Jr. High Reading
  • High School Reading

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Want to give your child a running start with reading?

  • For those children who are ready
  • 5 years old
  • Going into Kindergarten this year

This is the ideal time to instill a love for books and reading.

Our reading program is an enrichment program for younger children, usually around the ages of five and a half, who have not yet started school, but exhibit signs that they are ready to begin reading. Your child may be ready for our Pre–K reading program if she or he:

  • Sits down to listen to a story from beginning to end.
  • Shows interest in books and alphabet letters.
  • Relates pictures in books to stories or pretends to read by retelling a story

At this age, many children do not exhibit these signs, which is entirely normal and appropriate. If your child does exhibit readiness skills our pre–K tutoring is designed to equip early learners with reading readiness skills like letter recognition and listening comprehension.

My Kid’s Tutoring focuses on the building blocks of reading with your preschooler:

  • Phonics
  • Language
  • Letter Recognition
  • Sound Knowledge
  • Listening Comprehension

Initially, your child will be assessed by our director, who will determine her or his readiness level and create an individualized curriculum with specific learning objectives.

The written word will come alive for your child while reading fun books. A proven multi–sensory approach is used, allowing children to see, hear, touch and move as they learn reading principles.

An early start with our reading curriculum is the best way to build your child’s reading foundation and instill a love of books and learning.

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Elementary School

My Kid’s Tutoring will help develop your child’s reading skills.

At the elementary reading level, students move from “learning to read” (typically children in K-4th grade) toward “reading to learn” (4th grade and above). If a child develops gaps in their reading foundation, learning becomes increasingly more difficult.

Conversely, if a child has accelerated in her or his elementary reading skills beyond the classroom level, she or he risks losing interest in learning altogether.

My Kid’s Tutoring prepares an individualized program for each child and creates a roadmap for their success in overcoming challenges with reading.

The elementary reading curriculum helps students master the skill of reading by focusing on the following four units:

  • Phonics, including phonemic awareness in kindergarten and first grade
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fluency

Your child’s personalized reading program starts with the results of our diagnostic test which pinpoints precisely where your child’s reading skills excel or need work.

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Junior High & High School

From comprehension to critical thinking, My Kid’s Tutoring helps junior high and high school students improve reading skills.

Critical reading skills in junior high and high school are important more than ever with the recent Common Core Standards. Students are faced with an increase in rigorous assignments, reading loads across all academic subjects, and early preparation for college entrance exams  All of which can place more stress on a student’s academic reading as their volume of schoolwork increases .

For the junior high and high school level, My Kid’s Tutoring designs individual programs focused on comprehension, content and word study. During testing, we diagnose and pinpoint your child’s current abilities and compare them to those reading skills which are critical for junior high and  high school students today; skills that will be invaluable throughout advanced courses and ultimately their college careers. We will help your child expand their vocabulary, have a clearer understanding of what she or he is reading and what the author is trying to communicate, and gain more understanding from the text in less time.  These goals are our promise to you to help your child become a more efficient reader.

  • Word Knowledge and Vocabulary — the highest predictors of reading comprehension.
  • Comprehension — reading more critically, summarizing and outlining main points.
  • Content — learning how to use study materials to make critical judgments and effectively read highly compact expository materials, for example, science texts.

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